Education Week 2021

Australian Environmental Education has a range of programs to celebrate Education Week between 26 – 30 July. Come on a journey with Karen exploring this years theme of Lifelong Learning.

I have always grown up with a sense of wonder about nature and our place within it. I strive to discover, explore and learn everyday.

Virtual Excursions

Join Karen from Australian Environmental Education while she shares for lifelong learning journey. During the live and interactive virtual excursions Karen will share some SCUBA diving stories, explore what’s living in our backyards and show you specimens from her rock and fossil collection.

My Journey Beneath the Waves

My Journey Beneath the Waves: Diving Sydney’s Rocky Reefs takes you and your students on an exploration of the marine environment. The temperate waters around Sydney are home to a variety of habitats including kelp beds and sponge gardens. These are wonderful place to dive and discover the diversity of animals that live there.

Monday 26 July at 2pm & Tuesday 27 July at 10am

What’s in your Backyard

What’s in your Backyard: discover some of the amazing animals that live in your backyard this World Environment Day. Explores the diversity of animals that lives in your local area by looking for the clues that are left behind. Students will look at local animals and find out what they can do to protect them.

Tuesday 27 July at 2pm & Wednesday 28 at 10am

Stories in the Stone

Take a journey back in time to the beginning of the Earth 4.6 Billion Years ago. We will explore the changes to the earth over that time and the evolution of life. This journey focuses on the diversity of Australian animals that are found nowhere else in the world. 

Wednesday 28 at 2pm & Thursday 29 at 10am

Online Learning resources

Australian Environmental Education has online learning resources to help you teach a range of earth and environmental science concepts. These resources include web pages, printable activities, videos and outside learning activities.

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