My Journey towards sustainability

I recently discovered an assignment from 2002 I made on Education and Capacity Building for Sustainable Development. It has been fascinating to go through this journal and read my thoughts from almost 20 years ago. I love that I am still on this sustainability journey and believe together we can make a difference. I am saddened that we are still fighting for real policy improvement to tackle Climate Change.

Sustainability graphic in leaf
Illustration of eco concept, green city in the leaf © thanaphiphat

The following is an extract taken from my 2002 sustainability assignment.


Healthy environment




I have always grown up with a sense of wonder about nature and our place within it. I feel that we are lucky to be part of a diversity of ecosystems and species.

I spent the early part of my life in the northern suburbs of Sydney, but then moved to the outskirts where I lived on 5 acres, which was mostly bushland. I used to explore the area, climb the rocks and trees, swim in the creeks and dams and walk in the bush for hours. These experiences in my formative years fostered an interest in nature and the environment.

From early on in life I was fascinated with earth, rocks and volcanoes. When I was older landforms and soils intrigued me because of there relationship to biodiversity and how the biosphere is interrelated.

I grew up in a family that allowed and encouraged me to follow my own path; this enabled me to choose my own journey. Because I was not pressured I had to be self motivated. If I wanted something I had to work for it.

Through my Earth Science studies I became aware that I wanted to share this knowledge. This was when I crossed over into Environmental Education and found my true direction.

EfSD is all about challenging ideas and preconceptions leading towards an outcome. If a framework is based on environmental, economic, political and social structures can be developed sustainability can be acheived.

The limitation is the assumption that all stakeholders want the same outcome.

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