Focus on Frogs

Australia is home to about 245 species of native Amphibians, all of which are frogs. In urban areas, human development has reduced the natural habitat available to frogs. The Focus on Frogs workshop provides information and skills that will enable you and your child to discover what frogs live in your backyard or local area.

Focus on Frogs program cover 4 areas for learning:

  • What are Amphibians?
  • Why are Frogs important?
  • Scientific collection methods
  • Creating a Frog friendly garden

The program begins with classification of animals, breaking them into groups; Invertebrates and Vertebrates and then Amphibians.

We then discuss why frogs are important by looking at the features of frogs. There is a big focus on frog calls and being able to identify them from their calls.

After the show you can explore your own backyard or local park using the scientific techniques and observation you have learnt.

NOTE: Remember not to pick up frogs. We excrete oils from our pores that are harmful to frogs

Focus on Frogs video and resources

Stage 1 – 3 activities and invertebrate identification sheets

Focus on Frogs Stage 1

Focus on Frogs Stage 2

Focus on Frogs Stage 3

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