Virtual Excursions Requests

Virtual Excursions create unique learning experiences for students of all ages. Australian Environmental Education offers a range of virtual excursions specialising in Earth and Environmental Science. The interactive workshops are designed to inspire your students about the natural world.

Man on iPad Virtual Excursions

Australian Ancient Animals

Australia has an amazing diversity of animals that are found nowhere else in the world. Take a journey into the past to discover more about the animals of today. The more we learn about animals form the past the more we can do to protect the future.

Life on Earth

Take a journey back in time to the beginning of the Earth, 4.6 Billion Years ago. We will explore the changes to the earth over time and the evolution of life. How did the 5 Mass extinction events shape the variety of Life on Earth we have today and what’s next? The session will focus on Australian fossil sites and what they tell us about the past.

Life in the Devonian © Nicolas Fernandez

Dynamic Earth

Have you ever wondered what lies deep within the Earth? Do you know what makes the plates move and why there are volcano. Do you know the difference between a rock and a mineral? Dynamic Earth explores earth forming processes and answers all these questions and more.

Kids watching model volcano explode

Fabulous Frogs

Australia is home to about 240 species of native Amphibians, all of which are frogs. In urban areas, human development has reduced the natural habitat available to frogs. The Fabulous Frogs workshop provides information and skills to discover what frogs live in your backyard or local area.

What’s in your Backyard?

Discover some of the amazing animals that live in your backyard. Explores the diversity of animals that lives in your local area by looking for the clues that are left behind. Students will look at local animals and find out what they can do to protect them.

Animal adventures composite image

Marvellous Marine Life

Explore the amazing diversity of animals with the Marine Life workshop. Take a journey beneath the waves to explore this wonderful world. Learn about some of these incredible animals, their adaptions and habitats.

marine life program composite image

My Journey Beneath the Waves

My Journey Beneath the Waves: Diving Sydney’s Rocky Reefs takes you and your students on an exploration of the marine environment. The temperate waters around Sydney are home to a variety of habitats including kelp beds and sponge gardens. These are wonderful place to dive and discover the diversity of animals that live there.

Request a live and interactive Virtual Excursion for your school. Please select your session topic and preferred times. Sessions are $100 per class for a 60 minute session or $75 per class for a 45 minute session plus GST.