National Water Week

National Water Week aims to build awareness around the value of water. Access to clean water is hugely important to our daily lives, and it’s down to all of us to protect our water environments and resources, and use water wisely.

What is Water?

Water is essential for all life and is the most abundant substance on Earth. Water covers 75% of the earth’s surface, however only a very small amount is freshwater that can be used directly by people, animals and plants. This issue with the available freshwater creates competing pressures for our water resources.

Follow the journey of water down the river through the catchment to the sea. Think about the different land uses in your local catchment and the variety of impacts they have on our precious water resources.

Education resources

Australian Environmental Education has a range education resources to help you teach about the importance of water.

Explore the importance of water, water usage and water saving ideas with the Every drop counts activity.

Every drop counts, being water wise!

Water moves through the environment by the Water Cycle. This activity investigates the journey of a river through the catchment. Follow water through the environment and explore the changes to water quality over time. This learning activity is the first part of a sequence of 5 individual learning activities focused on Catchment Management. 

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