What’s in your Backyard

Discover some of the amazing animals that live in your backyard. Explore the diversity of animals that lives in your local area by looking for the clues that are left behind. Use these activities to find out more about the diversity of animals that live in your local area and call your backyard home.

From backyards to bushland there is a variety of animals living near you. Learn to identify animals from the clues that they leave behind in this video. Use this information to help you discover the diversity of animals in your local area.

Classifying animals

Use this key to classify the 5 groups of vertebrate animals by what covering their bodies.

Vertebrate classification key
Vertebrate Classification ©Karen Player

Use this simple key to work out what minibeasts are in your backyard.

Minibeast identification chart
Minibeast Classification ©Karen Player


Observation chart
Listen and Learn ©Karen Player

Invertebrate Investigation

Activity draw and Label an insect
Labeling an Insect ©Karen Player

Find out what you can do to create wildlife friendly environments.

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