Teacher Professional Development

Teacher professional development enables the continuation of learning. It is an important way for teachers to grow their skills and ultimately boost student outcomes.

Australian Environmental Education specialises in Hands on Learning and the importance of Outdoor Learning.  Discover ways that you can integrate Hands on and Outdoor Learning experience in your classes.

Elements of Effective Professional Development

Research has shown that there are 7 key elements to effective Professional Development including: 

  1. Content focused
  2. Incorporates active learning 
  3. Supports collaboration
  4. Uses models and modeling of effective practice
  5. Provides coaching and expert support
  6. Offers opportunities for feedback and reflection
  7. Is of sustained duration

Effective training programs incorporate a combination of these elements. 

NSW Teacher Professional Development

During each maintenance period NSW teachers need to complete at least 100 hours of Professional Development. For all teachers, the balance of hours required to meet the minimum 100 hours can be any combination of NESA Registered PD, Teacher Identified PD (TIPD) and Professional Commitment activities.

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