Discover Australian Animal

Discover some amazing animals that only live in Australia. We will explore the deserts to the sea, forests to my backyard to find out more about some of Australia’s most interesting animals.

The Australian Animals session includes:

  • Presentation on different groups of Australian animals
  • Focus on Australia’s unique mammals from the past to the present.
  • Exploration of animal adaptations

Key Learning areas:

  • Classification: Living Things: Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Arthropods and Arachnids
  • Identification: Common groups of Invertebrates, Habitats and Comparing features
  • Hands on investigation: Field works practices, Applying geographical tools and Observation
  • Sustainability: Protecting habitats and Saving species

Karen from Australian Environmental Education shares information on some of her favourite Australian Animals with kids across north America for the CILC Community of Learning program.

Australian Environmental Education offers a range of virtual excursions specialising in Earth and Environmental Science. The interactive workshops are designed to inspire your students about the natural world.

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