Minibeasts in your Garden

Minibeasts in your Garden explores the diverse world of minibeasts. Discover why minibeasts are important and learn how find them in your garden or local park. The program will help you to identify common groups of backyard minibeasts and provides information and skills to conduct your own minibeasts investigation.

Minibeasts in your Garden program cover 4 areas for learning:

  • What are Minibeasts?
  • Why are Minibeasts Important?
  • Scientific collection methods
  • Creating a Minibeast garden

Minibeasts in your Garden content:

  • Classification: Living Things: Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Arthropods and Arachnids
  • Identification: Common groups of Invertebrates, Habitats and Comparing features
  • Hands on investigation: Field works practices, Applying geographical tools and Observation
  • Sustainability: Protecting habitats and Saving specie

Minibeasts in your Garden video and resources

Stage 1 – 3 activities and invertebrate identification sheets

Minibeasts in your Garden Stage 1

Minibeasts in your Garden Stage 2

Minibeasts in your Garden Stage 3

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