Water Audit

Discover how you are using water by conducting a Water Audit. This is a fun way to learn about how water is used in the Urban Water Cycle.

Save water graphic with water drop

Step 1: Find out how much water you use

Step 2: Where do you use most water

Step 3: How can you save water

Water Usage Calculator

Try out the Hunter Water: Water Usage Calculator to calculate how much water you use each year. The Water Use table lists how many litres of water are used for common household activities each day. You can also use this to calculate how much water you use each day and help you find areas to reduce consumption and become Waterwise.

Toilet (Single flush cistern) 
Toilet (Duel Flush)  
11 litres
3 litres for a half flush
6 litres for a full flush
Bath  100 litres
Shower (standard shower head)
Shower (low flow shower head)
20 litres/minute
10 litres/minute
Dishwasher load  12 litres
Washing machine load  90 litres
Brushing teeth with tap running  5 litres/minute
Drinking, cooking, cleaning 10 litres person/day
Hand basin per use  5 litres
Garden sprinkler   15 litres/minute
Garden dripper per hour  15 litres/minute
Car Washing with hose  15 litres/minute
Hosing driveway  15 litres/minute
A dripping tap can waste up to 200 litres of water/day
Leaking or running toilet     500 litres of water/day

The Natural Water Cycle

The natural water cycle shows the constant movement of water around the world. Water moves through the processes of evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, run-off, infiltration and percolation.

The Urban Water Cycle

The natural water cycle has been modified by people to ensure a constant water supply and the safe disposal of wastewater. The Urban Water Cycle incorporates the Water Supply System, Wastewater system and the Stormwater system.

Why is Water Important

Water is the most common substance found on earth, so why is it important? Water is essential for all forms of life and can dissolve nearly anything. It can exist as a gas (water vapour and steam), a liquid (water) and a solid (ice).

How to be Waterwise

Water is essential for all life and is the most abundant substance on Earth, yet water scarcity is one of the biggest issues facing us today. Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent and 2019 was the hottest and driest year on record