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Thank you for your choosing Australian Environmental Education. We offer interactive Environmental Science activities direct to your home through Virtual Excursions. Virtual Excursions create unique learning experiences for students of all ages. Australian Environmental offers a range of Virtual Excursions specialising in Earth and Environmental designed to inspire your students about the natural world.

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Threatened Species Day

Australian Environmental Education has a range of programs to celebrate Threatened Species Day on Tuesday 7 September.

Join Karen from Australian Environmental Education to talk about Threatened Species. Discover some amazing animals only found in Australia. Students will find out what they can do to protect them.

Session content:

  • Classification: Living Things: Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Arthropods
  • Identification: Common groups Animals and Invertebrates, Habitats and Comparing features
  • Hands on investigation: Field works practices, Applying geographical tools and Observation
  • Sustainability: Protecting habitats and Saving species

Tuesday 7 September at 9.30am & 12pm

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