Online Learning Resources

Australian Environmental Education has online learning resources to help you teach a range of earth and environmental science concepts. These resources include web pages, printable activities, videos and outside learning activities.

Focus on Frogs

Australia is home to about 240 species of native Amphibians, all of which are frogs. In urban areas, human development has reduced the natural habitat available to frogs. The Focus on Frogs workshop provides information and skills that will enable you and your child to discover what frogs live in your backyard or local area.

Minbeasts in your Garden

Minibeasts in your Garden explores the diverse world of minibeasts. Discover why minibeasts are important and learn how find them in your garden or local park. The program will help you to identify common groups of backyard minibeasts and provides information and skills to conduct your own minibeasts investigation.

The Story of a River

Follow the journey of water down the river through the catchment to the sea. Water is essential for all forms of life and the small amount of available freshwater create competing pressures for our water resources. Different land uses in a catchment have different impacts out our precious water resources. Discover the impacts of land clearing, agriculture and urbanisation on our waterways.

Online Learning Resources

Rocks and Fossils are fascinating to kids and adults alike.  The resources looks at plate tectonics, inside the earth, weathering, soils, fossils and Australian dinosaurs and megafauna. This information will help you teach these topics to your students.

Water is essential for all life and is the most abundant substance on Earth. Water covers 75% of the earth’s surface, however only a very small amount is fresh water that can be used directly by people, animals and plants 


I have created a set of fun and activities to supplement the educational resources section on this website.

Virtual Excursions

Australian Environmental Education can run a Virtual Excursion linked to these resources. We can deliver all our onsite incursions as Virtual Excursions as a class learning from home or at school.

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