Connect to Nature

Sometimes you just need to slow down and connect with nature. Sit under your favourite tree or go for a walk in the park. This is especially important at the moment to give yourself permission to have a break. Take some time out every day for you, even 5 minutes can make a difference.

Remember to look up and change your perspective
Touch and feel different tree bark
Visit your favourite tree, if you don't have one, find one
Don't forget to use all your senses

I recently had a wonderful and restorative online Forest Therapy session with Mary Bell from Nature Knows. It was great to take some time to connect with the environment around me and appreciate the sights, sounds and smells in my backyard. Along my journey I discovered these animals in my garden. I wouldn’t have spotted them if it wasn’t for the activities in the Forest Therapy session.

I have continued with the lessons learned during the session and have been giving myself permisison to take a break and spend more time outside. I have been going on more walks, listening to the sounds of the birds and recording frog calls for Frog ID. It is great to discover some of the wildlife that we share our environment with. Spending more time outside and slowing down has allowed my to connect with nature and capture some amazing images of these animals.

Exploring my backyard and local area have been a wonderful chance to slow down and connect with nature.

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The year that was: 2020

I don’t think 2020 turned out the way anyone expected. In the first 2 months of the year Sydney experienced bushfires, droughts, heatwaves and then record rains and floods. Just when we thought the worst of 2020 was behind us, COVID-19 changed our lives for ever.

2020 was going to be My year of Sustainability and I was able to achieve some of my sustainability goals, however many were put on hold. During 2021 I will be able finish the journey I started.

In 2020 my focus had to change and I began creating more education resources and activities and delivering online education programs. I created over 50 resources pages and activities focusing on earth and environmental science over the last 12 months.

I have also been writing resources for the Junior Landcare Learning Centre. You can find the following resources on their website. Create a Wildlife Habitat with this series of 5 resources including: Research, Vision, Design, Planting and Monitoring.

Other activities I have written for the Junior Landcare Learning Centre explore the importance of water with Every Drop Counts. This activity also looks at water usage and water saving ideas. Investigate the journey of water through the environment, from the mountains to the sea, with the Exploring the Story of Water program designed for younger kids.

I have a series on catchments and water and a series on a beach survey and clean up for high school students coming out soon, so keep an eye out on the Landcare Learning Centre in 2021. I was also excited to be able to contribute to this year’s Coastcare Week campaign and wrote a following booklet on Marine Litter.

Like many other people in the education community I had to pivot to online delivery in 2020. I have been working with Virtual Excursions Australia for many years and was able to transition my programs for online audiences. I delivered programs for schools and individuals reaching thousands of students from across the world.

Another focus has been photographing some of the amazing wildlife I’ve come across during the year. Below is a selection of image taken at Sydney Zoo, central west NSW, central coast and my backyard. You can check out some of my favourite Macro images too.

Let’s see what 2021 brings!

Welcome to Australian Environmental Education

Australian Environmental Education is a place to discover more about the natural world.

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I think Threatened Species Day an appropriate time to launch Australian Environmental Education. As a day to raise awareness of plants and animals at risk of extinction. It is also a day to reflect on what we can do to make a difference. Australian Environmental Education is my responses to that question, this is what I can do to make a difference.

I have been developing and delivering Environmental Education programs for the last 20 years and I am a passionate advocate of hands on learning. I have been developing a range of programs to make learning natural science easy. Science Made Easy are hands on programs aimed at increasing scientific literacy through investigations and experiments. Programs are designed to empower kids and provide them with the knowledge and skills to continue their learning.

I will post useful ideas and resources for engaging your student in environmental education and to become environmental citizens for our future.

To start off I have collated some resources and links for Threatened Species Day

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